Once upon a time, in an unprecedented time, a storm will meet you in your life path. It’s a huge and wild storm, you will not know what to do about it, you will not know when the storm will pass, how long will the storm be?

  • The storm will:
  • Shatter your old self, no matter how hard you try to hold it, your shell will crack open.
  • Define a friend in need at its most literal meaning
  • Force you to be at peace with yourself, because often times the only person that you really can count on, is yourself.
  • Cut and bleed you badly, so the magical wings of yours can spread and make you fly; there’s a whole different point of view from above.
  • Inform you how strong you are, more than what you can imagine.

To meet this storm is definitely not a happy or amusing experience. But yes, we all need to meet the magnificent storm. And for those who brave enough to pass through the storm patiently, you will get a life changing reward.

Cheers, may you all be at peace, 

Karin Sabrina

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