Today, the question above struck me, I asked my self over and over again, have I started the journey within my self? Where am I at the journey, supposedly, I already do it. Or, am I still in the preparation period? What should happen when we do this? Is there any specific features when we are traveling into the depth of our soul? … Boff… So many questions, and no answer in sight.

Hmm… But… I shouldn’t say no answer in sight, because this afternoon, I learn about lake meditation, it’s a meditation where we think ourselves like a lake; receptive, no matter what we throw into it, it will resume itself, and there’s a hypnotic calmness of a lake along with an elegant mystery because of its unknown depths.

I guess the person who can be just like the lake, is the person who already knows her/him self well, the person who already travels into the depth of her soul, and calmly, contently, receives everything life throws to her/him, the rocks may caused ripples on the surface, but it only lasts a moment, this great person will soon resume herself and get going with her amazing life.

Cheers 🥂, may we all be at peace with ourselves, be loved and be content in this life. 

Karin Sabrina

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