Small, sustainable things to do; that’s my theme lately. I’m making a very small investment daily through a mutual fund app, as little as IDR 12.000,- (less than 1 USD). Since it’s so small, I make it as a weekly affairs, and put the transaction in automatic mode. So, it’s hassle free and make myself instantly feel good every time the auto debit receipt pop up through email on my phone screen. This tiny but refreshing ‘feel good’ often lift up my mood greatly.

Another small investment for my health is that I’m doing regular work out now, almost on daily basis. I used to think I must spend at least an hour a day to do treadmill, and eventually ‘the must’ become a great burden for me. And every time I skipped the treadmill time, I feel I am not good enough for everything in life. But not anymore, nowadays, also with a help from an app (Sworkit) I manage to do a variation of work out in a short session of 12 minutes. The app also marked the calendar for every session I do, so it feels good to see whenever I do a continuous check mark on that calendar. I strive to work out regularly, hassle free, in short time, and I envision a stronger me 💪.

This blog, oh my goodness, I’ve been writing for 182 consecutive days, that’s absolutely mental. I just don’t know how I did it… Really. Am I not concern about the quality of my writings? Well.. to be honest, no. You see, even if I write badly, I am still proud of my self since I’m doing it on daily basis. I have no idea I could do something so consistently like this. There are days when I could write about my day, my thoughts, but there are days when I opted to do a brief translation from English to Bahasa Indonesia. Some days I just put a photo or two, since a picture speak thousand words ( another way to say : I’m having a bad day and no idea comes up) 😁😁.

Cheers, There are so much beauty in small sustainable things.

Karin Sabrina


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