La langue français

I play with Duolingo today, I choose french language, and as a person who’s majoring french literature more than a decade ago, I don’t start from Basic 1, no way, I have a bachelor degrees in French y’all. So, I jumped to finish the first unit test, and prepare my self to run to the advance level, I am not going to waste my time learning the basics… Please… 🤭🤭

And you know what happens to the arrogant people? They fall, hard to the ground with their face first to the mud. I failed the unit 1 test, twice. Almost thrice if I have the time. It hit me hard… Geesh… I have lost most of my french 😥…

But this girl is one determined french learner, if I was able to converse in french a decade ago, then it should be no problème to re-gain that super power 🤓. I don’t really have an exact to do list now but as per my usual habit, if I already set my mind into something, I usually can accomplish it. Karin wants, Karin gets.

Tchin Tchin,

Karin Sabrina

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