Hello November! 
I started this new month with doing small things that made me proud with my self! 😁.
1. I am currently on 7 days trial on a fitness app called 'Sworkit'. It's a gym at home app, I like it because it's very simple and you could set the time as short as 5 minutes, the video instructions are clear and it's showing an actual person. The app is also packed up with yoga, body toning, body strength etc, so I guess, the work out session will always interesting.the price is also reasonable, the daily price is IDR 2300,- if I take the yearly subscription plan, a scrimpy amount of money compared to the actual gym membership.
2. I combine an excel spreadsheet and YNAB to record the finance and I now have a clear picture now about our actual financial whereabouts, it's not in an ideal state yet, but I firmly believe, we can figure that out somehow.

Cheers, may you too have a great moments to be proud of in this month commencement.

Karin Sabrina

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