The shield

Those who envy me, you make me shine. Those who criticize me, you make me move forward. Those who detest me, you make me stronger. For you who loves me, you make me forget them all.


In my “radio days”, I tasted the bitter groundless envy toward me. I was too naive at those younger days… Naive and immature.

I love my role as a Radio host, the fact that I actually get paid to listen to music was amazing, and I think I’m good in doing this Radio show.

What I didn’t realize is when you’re good at something, people will drawn to you. Some will compliment you, some will spend their time to bully you wholeheartedly. And no matter how strong your inner warrior, you need at least one person to shield this negativity with their solid rock love for you.

These bad comments will eventually get you and you start to doubt yourself, and things will go worse from that point.

Please Do not let these bullies make you feel small. They just envy you and darling, when you have haters, it means you have something that makes you enviable, that’s something to be proud of. ☺️☺️☺️☺️

Cheers, you can envy me, hate me, rate me, the bottom line is: you ain't me.

Karin Sabrina

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