Today, the idea to take a tiny step for a huge change revisit my mind. It’s kinda floating around since this morning, but it was definitely getting clearer when I was doing my treadmill this afternoon.

It’s almost mid August, this particular year of 2021 will soon passed away, and I was wondering, what have I done differently this year? What good habits had I cultivated during this 2021? You see, in the beginning of this year, as per my own tradition, I wrote a list of new year resolution, I didn’t check the list before I write this note tonight, but it was short, full of obviously copy-paste-edit new year resolution from the previous year(s).

I would work out regularly, ✅, this year I have a better work out time compared to last year. I would write my blog often, ✅, tonight I have written on the blog for 86 consecutive day, the longest strike ever. After these two habits kinda settled in me, I add up meditation habit, I already started to make a room for 10 minutes meditation every morning now (today is the 5th or 6th day). I would read every day ,✅, reading help me to ease my hyperactive monkey mind.

And now I also thinking about my other “new habit to stick on me”, I am thinking about making a time to play piano… Making a time to smoothing my rusty French… But as I said earlier, I will stay on the tiny steps now… If those aforementioned habits of working out etc is already glued on me, I will take other good habits to add up… Bit by bit… Without expectations, and I will keep this tiny steps… “Tiny”, so I will not feel overwhelmed.

This idea of forming atomic habits, I get it from James Clear, and yes, I think I should order his book now. His book is already in my book depository wish list for over a year now 😅😅.

Cheers, stay on your great tiny steps, it will add up hugely. 

Karin Sabrina

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