I love this app!! It’s called “Halodoc”. It’s one of a health care providers app in Indonesia and my gudness, I love it! No… to rate it in Google is not sufficient for me, I must write the review on my blog.

It’s all started when I think I need to buy vitamin supplements for my energetic boy, I want him to stay energetic and healthy, despite that we all have to live in the midst of this raging pandemic situation. I wanted to consult with a person of authority regarding this vitamin supplements, so I thought a chat with a pediatrician will suffice, I opened this marvelous app, Halodoc, tapped on pediatrician, there’s a list of them along with the price if we want to chat them. I choose a sweet looking one, with a very economic price of IDR 30k for a session of 3-10 minutes chat.

The sweet pediatrician responded nicely and create an online medical receipt for my son, she told me all the simple steps to order the vitamin etc. I tapped the medical receipt, automatically connected to Gojek (it’s an online transportation app) and pay the vitamins recommended by the pediatrician via Gopay, then voila.. the Gojek driver bought the vitamin from the nearest medical store/apothecary shown by the app and delivered it to me less than 20 minutes. I am amazed!

The Halodoc app tagline: simplifying healthcare is really spot on. I really love how easy it is to navigate the app, even for a first timer like me. Have I told you that I love this app?! I did? Well I am definitely will keep saying it because I love this app. 😁😁

Cheers,stay safe and healthy my dearest readers,

Karin Sabrina

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