This is my second attempt to read this book, my first attempt was a year ago, around April 2020, and it was sadly a failed attempt. But somehow I kinda like this book, yes, it confuses me many times due the usage of infrequent words, hey.. a Nobel laureate write this, so what do I expect? With the foreign words, and unusual bad small thin fonts ( bad fonts equals better performance, that’s what Mr. Daniel Kahneman said fellas, not me) this book also include many interesting research results in psychology field, plus some surprising little experiment for his readers.

So, I try to re-read this, it’s actually better this time, I don’t stumbled often or stress up just because there’s a concept that hard to digest, I just keep on reading and telling my self, you could do this, this book is actually read-able, go slow, do everything that you need to do, clear some space, it’s a good book on how things influence my decision in life and boy… I really want to make good decisions or at the least, not so wrong decisions for the rest of my life. I should stop to jump into a conclusion just because it’s easier and sometimes it’s even feel true.

I haven’t finished the book, for sure… I just started about three days ago, but I feel good now, I think I could complete the book at the least 2 weeks from now, if not before.

Cheers, be patient with your stop and start, it's a process not a race. 

Karin Sabrina

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