The change

Be the change you want to see in the world

Okey, from that point above, I will do things as follows:

  • Always questions hard the intelligence of a person who said: I don’t know if this “statement/article/news etc” is right or wrong. I just share it, somebody might need this information. When I face this “situation” again, I will just inhaling and sigh-ing several times and move on with my life. No… Do not argue. No more. This world needs me in my best version.
  • Do not trust anyone who hates their government wholeheartedly and at the same time, trying so hard to pass the examination to be a civil servants ( which salary is paid by the very same government she hates).
  • Appreciate the laughter and the tears, appreciate my favorite humans, all of us need more love and less hate.
  • Let go friendship that already reach its expiration date. It’s definitely unhealthy to stay in an expired relationship.
  • Stay at a very considerable distance from people who believe the “conspiracy theory or who believe blindly to their so called “religious” doctrines. It’s in the “self care” list.
Karin Sabrina

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