Lake Toba

Once, I was so into the idea to participate in a 10 km run in the Samosir island, lake Toba. At that time I had this idea, I had 6 months time to prepare my self a.k.a to practice and strengthen my leg and feet to meet all the requirements for a 10 km run.

Cut the long story short, when the registration date come nearer, the willingness has dwindling away. The idea that used to be five storey fire has subsided into a dim light…and no surprise, I’va cancelled the idea; it’s not wise to participate into a running event without a proper preparation. The lack of ability to phisically meet the requirements for 10 km run, surely will bring so many difficulties for everyone; the committee, the other runner, our family member and so on.

But the idea is still alive, and I’m starting to have these thoughts like : ” after the pandemic, I’ll try to participate in a 5 km running event” or… “Should I wear short leggings or long leggings when I in a running event? What will I wear?” πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… I

Karin Sabrina

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