I rarely watch TV… And when I said rare, it is rare, the last time I actually sit in front of a tv set to watch a show, is probably .. hmm … 7-8 years ago. My favorite show was Top Gear ( the one hosted by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May and also Australian or New Zealand Master chef.

Speaking about the cooking competition, I really wonder how the Australian educate everyone living there. Their master chef show is so enjoyable to be watched. Everyone in competition and the juries are genuinely happy for everyone’s success ( this trait is really not a common sight in my social circles), and the support level of every person to anyone is massive.

Once I even hear a guest chef in that show that said:

Failure is not an outcome, it’s a process to mastery; you can’t expect yourself to reach a mastery level if you have not failed many many times.

I really love that kind of point of view in seeing “failure”. Oftentimes or… Every time, failure is avoided, it’s an unwanted outcome, it’s the reason to stop trying, it’s a solid reason to bully other or even ourselves. We should grow from that point.

What have you failed today? This week? This year? Congratulations! Keep moving forward, you’re on your way to a mastery level.

Karin Sabrina

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