I definitely love the SK II series. No.. not the skin care series which named to be the most distinguish anti aging essence from japan. I am talking about the advertisement series that feature notable women athletes from various sport field.

This one is featuring Mahina Maeda.. the surfer.

It’s about the rules to follow to be a beauty. There are rule on walking; a beauty must walk gently at all time, rule on speaking; a beauty must not speak with loud voice, rule on smooth long hair, rule on smiling; a beauty must smile with closed mouth…etc. If you follow all the rules then you can be beautiful too. That’s the mantra.

Who decides what beauty looks like?

At the end of the Ms. Maeda ads, I really love it when the ‘mother’ finally said: A beauty must follow her heart.

Ps. I am now convinced, I should start budgeting for SK ii skincare. 🤭🤭🤭


Karin Sabrina

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