Have you seen the advertisement of SK II that featured Simone Biles? I love it!!

The ad exposes something that I know very late in life. All of us must have faced trolls, off line and on line, they are those person who never say something good about other; they criticize everyone, they see everything bad; to be honest, and this is the lesson I got so late in life that in their life, they are those who I would categorize as the pathetic who never really accomplish anything in their life.

The emerge of online-networking unsurprisingly made these trolls shrooming everywhere. They are channeling their negativity via social media (and most of them hiding their real identity), they hate to see an accomplished young person in any field, they are sad when someone in their social circle is happy.

And what do we do with this pathetic people?
The worst advice I got is to pray for them.
I ain’t gonna pray for them. No way. They need to pray for themselves, they clearly need a salvation from their own hellish life.

What I do to face them? I ignore them, and I urge everyone to do the same. Now, next question, since I am a very detailed person, how to ignore this trolls? And will they stop to bug us when we ignore them?
Good question. Is ignoring trolls effective? from my own experience. yes. But it’s a slow process. These trolls usually have low intelligent capacity, so it takes some time for them to actually realize we have been ignoring them. Then, how? I am going to answer that with a story.

For the last 30 days, I have been so busy to make time for “self-love” project. I write every day for this blog and doing treadmill for at least 35 minutes 5 times a week. Adding these two activities really made my day so full, and I have no time and also energy left to tune in with the trolls in social media. So I am ignoring these trolls by loving my self, such a great swap and really worth it.

Once these trolls realized that we are now deaf to their bad song, they will go find other victims. Yes, we can’t change them, and please don’t spend your precious time to do that. We need to accept that these trolls will always be around. C’est La Vie, Life is full with flowers and thorn and bug and everything in between, that’s what make life is so interesting.

Ps. I am not using SK ii, not yet. 🤭🤭🤭


Karin Sabrina

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