Master of English Applied Linguistics πŸŽ“

Language exerts hidden power, like the moon on the tides

Rita Mae Brown

I know I always fascinated by language. I love to hear songs from many languages. I learn English with ease and I like to use English whenever I write, it forces my mind to think and re-think since I am not writing in my native language (Bahasa Indonesia). The same reason applies whenever I have a “big talk” with my husband, I often use English, as a way to reduce negative thoughts and bad temper.

I like to learn many other languages also, I am able to communicate -not yet fluently- in French. I learn Italian and Deutsch in Duolingo app (which is sad right now because I always fail to log in every day) Perhaps my love to read also solidifies this interest in language.

I am also aware that my language contributes greatly to how I am perceived by others and also myself. My husband and most people I meet, friends and relatives, usually said that I am an easy-going person, interesting personality, and always seem happy; perhaps it’s because I learn French. πŸ˜€ I might give more effort to learn Italian, so I can have a more Italian attitude:”rules are meant to be bent”. 😁🌹


Karin Sabrina

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