Op. Surung Doli

He always being a hardworking man. In his senior days, he owned several pedicabs for rent, so he had a steady income. I remember that whenever I wish for extra candies or a chocolate bar, I just came to him and he would give me pocket money with one condition : I shall not tell my mom that he give me any pocket money.

He was tall and tough, his body is so sturdy and he radiates strength. A sign of tremendous power in his younger days. A quiet man, He never talk much to me, perhaps because I wasn’t able to converse in Bataknese language. In my memory, he always speak with my mom in Bataknese.

His title is Ompung Surung Doli (Ompung means grandparent and Doli means male in Bataknese language), Surung is his grandson’s name. Surung is the eldest son from the eldest son of my Ompung, read it slowly, you’ll get it.

I admire his calmness, even in his sick days, he was always calm. My mother told me, he died from a colon cancer, he exhaled his last breath in hospital bed, he was in sitting position, calm as always. I miss you Opung, I know you are having a great time in heaven now.


Karin Sabrina

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