Piltik Coffee

I always love a business that runs by a family. To be living in harmony as one family is hard enough to achieve, let alone To have a professional and profitable business with all family members.

Piltik Coffee located in Siborong borong, north Sumatra. It started with a very humble beginning by a family. This family is an ordinary family, great educational background, living in the midst of a big city. And one fateful day, the husband felt the calling to come back to his native land in Siborong borong, and well …basically this family start this business from scratch.

I envy their courage and their faith. It’s not an easy road. The wife is the one who has the silver hair, standing beautifully at the pictures above… She looks amazing and I just want to have that appearance at the time I reach her age.

If you happened to be in the siborong-borong area, please come by and sip a cup of coffee in Piltik Coffee. You will taste a small, tidy cafe with a beautiful landscape and probably a bit packed parking lot, and I remember that the whole place is having a very warm coffee and butter cake fragrance. You would also want to buy the Piltik Coffee, a very fragrant, delicious coffee, IDR 80.000 per 500 grams.


Karin Sabrina

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