I am a happy woman. I really am. And when I found out that it’s really a rare thing to be claimed by a woman; being happy in her life, I consider that I’m also very lucky.

Not so long go, I was stupify when I realized the ‘hard to swallow’ fact: women in my culture are so used being treated badly by her spouse, up to the point that these women collectively accept that there’s no such thing as being happy in a marriage. To divorce a heavily abusive husband is not OK, but to be abused verbally, emotionally, physically, are those of “common thing”.

I believe that no man or woman should sit quietly when her/his spouse is abusive and has a mental health issue. Talk about it, seek help, think about your own health, and if every effort seems goes directly to the black hole, set your boundaries. Only you who could decide what to do with your life. No one can help you but you.

To leave an abusive relationship is not a selfish attitude. It’s an act of self-love. You might find it weird and even scary when you leave the known abusive environment to the unknown. The unknown is always scary indeed, but it also so full of new chance and interesting thing.


Karin Sabrina

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