More than words Is all I ever needed you to show //Then you wouldn’t have to say //That you love me// ‘Cause I’d already know

Words by Extreme.

Do you know honey?
17 years ago, when we first met, you are the first person that feels like home to me. The first who are so non-judgmental toward me. The first person who I told about my sad situation without any cover-up.

Do you know honey?
I always wonder how could you be so generous to shower me with your undivided attention while at that time, I don’t know how to respond to your sweet and tender attitude to me. At that time, I was in my early twenties, I grew up full of uncertainty and and low self esteem, I was continuously feel I don’t belong, I can’t fit. Perhaps I was so used with being underestimated, being controlled, being told what to do and what to say.

Do you know honey?
I think you showed up in a very crucial time. At that time, I was so unsure with everything in life, especially with my future. I did not know what to expect, what dream should I have etc… You let me know that I had this special place within you. And I know you tell me the truth. You assured me that I am precious, I had a tough life and you said I have this strength that you admire.

Do you know honey?
Your words help me tremendously. I believe in your words because it’s really more than words, and I start to believe my self. During my worst time in my life, it’s your tender words that remind me that I really have this strength to pass through anything in life.

Do you know honey?
I am forever grateful for you.



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