I have a small winning this week! I’ve been writing in this blog for 8 days streak!! That’s huge!! ☺️ I’ve been blogging for more than 4 years, writes randomly through that time, once I even did not do any blog writing for almost 8 months! Such a disgrace.

How I manage to have this small winning? Well I finally stop to wait that one perfect idea to come. Not because it never comes, but when it does come, it is usually not at the most appropriate time. So now, I just jot down every thing I could think of in the WordPress app in my cellphone then save it as drafts. It could be 3 drafts, and then I’ll post it one by one every day. So if I dry out of ideas for two days, I still have those drafts ready to be published.

So to produce writings for 8 days streak is a definitely a winning for me. Writing makes my mind clearer, I am convinced that when I write, I actually talk to my self, I get to know my self better, I can examine my own mind and decide what best to keep in mind and then de-clutter the rest.

Writing a blog does not pay my bills ( I know some famous bloggers who could monetize their blog and have a big income.. but I am definitely not one of them😁). But writing is similar to mental health therapy for me, I don’t think I could afford a licensed mental therapist anyway. Writing makes me happy, writing forces me to think clearly and concisely. I feel calm and relaxed every time I finished..

May you found and celebrate your small winning too my dearest readers, cheers,

Karin Sabrina

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