En attendant

I’ve come to the point where I feel at peace while I’m waiting for something. And the journey to this point has been long and exhausting 😟.. It really is.

I was never good at idle position. I always on the “move” mode… Never really care whether the movements making me closer or farther from my initial objectives. I just can’t handle very well the “waiting” time. I felt I lost something while I’m waiting and do nothing.

But as I know now… Life will teach you lessons that you need the most… Not the lesson that you want. And yes.. Life has provided me the best teachers as always, I am definitely a slow learner πŸ˜… Considering that I need no less than 5 years to finally understood that waiting is as important as “making movements”.

My teacher is the legal battle I had to face regarding my divorce settlement. The legal process put me on hold much much longer than I had ever expected. The lengthy process literally eat my impatient attitude. I hoped that the court will settle the divorce as soon as possible… Wrong… I hoped the ex husband will act like a civilized person, we both know we ain’t kid no more.. wrong… I hoped the lawyer that I hired so expensively will help me to settle things out… Wrong again… And so on…

All of this un met hopes make me wait and wait and wait. So… Finally I made the decision… Ok. So I have to wait then… Ok. No argue. I’m tired. I have done everything I could… Now it’s time for me to sit and wait patiently. Oh help me Lord.

Be patient, great thing takes time. Karin Sabrina

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