I read this in the beginning of Feb 2016

There was a time, when I considered art and creativity are attributes for few. Those are the chosen one, people who are blessed with this artistic talent, they need not to do a thing for art, they are simply different humankind, they are not in the same species like … Me.. the average, the commoner, the person.

In the beginning of 2016, I bought this book because I like Elizabeth Gilbert, and the word ‘fear’ seems hooked me. I was full of fear at that time.. and to be creative was not something really urgent for me. But to live creatively beyond fear sounds… Wow…. I just need to read this, and I’m glad I did. It’s really a must read for … Everyone. I found out that no one is free from fear to failure, include Ernest Hemingway and even Harper Lee… What makes the difference is that they keep making their art despite the fear.

Read in April 2020

Above is another book about art. Other than positive thinking and negative thinking, this book offer art thinking. And when I read this book, many lines were brought me to the big magic book. Our modern Life fills up with schedules, budgets and bosses.. so we assume that we absolutely do not have time to put ‘art’ in our life. This book offers beautiful insight why we should making art .. in our everyday life.

Currently I’m taking an online class on the Coursera platform… The course entitled The Art of Healing from University of Florida. So basically these books and course made me believe that there are an artist and a healer reside within me.

May you be happy, may you be safe and may you be calm. Thank you for reading my blog.

Cheers, RirinKoko.

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