Helloow.. long time no write!

My life is colorful! read: My life is so ordinary, some days are coated in thick pure honey, some other days, I just pray the day to pass as fast as possible. I have been doing some good things lately. I’ve registered my self to Alliance Francais Mediatheque (a library with books and DVD in French), I’ve done a treadmill in the morning for 30 minutes, three times last week; although, at the moment I write this, its’ Tuesday, and I have not touch the treadmill since last Saturday.

Another good thing is that I actually paid an annual subscription for a financial management application, after a 34 days free trial. It’s really a life changer!!! After 20 days, I know that our family actual expenses are not as much as I thought all this time. The biggest downfall, which created my miserable financial life all this time is that I have not ensured our money do the things they’re supposed to do. The money that supposed to cover the bills, I used it to buy something else ( which actually pretty important too… even though, now I can’t really remember what was this pretty important thing)

I’ve recorded each of our expenses for the last two months; dutifully entered the number of my expenses to the YNAB mobile application and this thing kinda force me to think twice before I made any purchase now.

This YNAB application also provides the financial report, and it shows the truth and nothing but the truth. The report helps me to see more clearly (and painful of course) my financial situation and the clarity guide me to make a better decision regarding the money.

I think I will be forever thankful for this YNAB application, for now, I read the “impossible” as “I’m Possible!”


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