Slamet Gunaedi, satpam di SMAN 4 Tangerang Selatan
Source: Metro

Not all of us can do big things, but we all can do lots of small things with big Love”. read somewhere..

Do you see the smiley school security in the above picture? He’s quite famous nowadays because he arranges the students’ motorcycle in such neat rows (plus he grouped the motorcycles with the colors alike in that line) as if the parking lot is a display of a motorcycle shop. The reason for that “neatness”? Just because he wants to, just because he likes to see things in order.

When was the last time I did something like above, doing my usual chores with an added value just because I like to see it that way, doing something in my daily job desc not because I have to and not because I expect something in return? hmm…. … ( 20 seconds ahead… hmmm) nope. I guess not. And I am not proud of this.

For me, the theme of 2019 is all about to be a better, happier, and smarter person so I honestly think Mr. Slamet Gunaedi taught a very important and personal matter to me. I may not have the most prestigious job in the universe, I clearly am not interviewed by the Forbes any time soon because of the intricacy and the huge scale of my business.. but I am in power to make well-thought writings, I am in charge toward my writing practice every single day. Perhaps, a person or two will notice, perhaps, no one care, but, that is okay. I should write well because I like it, not because I want something in return. I should write well because it will make my heart leap with joy to read it in the future days, and even thinking: did I really write this? wow!


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