Tidak pernah terpikir samasekali bahwa suatu hari saya akan menjadi penerjemah .. saya juga pernah jadi guru, pernah jadi copy writer, pernah jadi MC, penyiar radio .. mm ternyata ga banyak ya pekerjaan yang pernah saya lakukan hehehe..

Penerjemah, guru, copy writer, MC, Penyiar radio .. rasanya punya benang merah ya.. baru sadar saya. Semua pekerjaaan itu terkait dengan kata-kata. I am an artist of words, my works consist of shaping the word to make it beautiful and easy to be understood. To convey my idea in such a dear way in hope that the hearer will have a slightly better day upon hearing my words.

I read somewhere, sometimes ago… words have power. Words can light fires in the minds of men. Words can wring tears from the hardest hearts… I believe it so.. I found a deep consolation as I write this, I mean.. something felt wrong if I miss a day writing time. Words help me to clear up my mind, ease my weary spirit, assure me that this is a good day to be a good day.

How about you, my dearest reader, what work have you done .. and is there any relation between these work? is that connection might be your calling in life?


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