I have recorded my expenses for 4 days. my ultimate goal is one. I want to be rich! hehe … seriously, I believe rich doesn’t mean you can buy anything in the blink of an eye, or have a billion car, capacity to buy two luxurious apartments in cash, twice a year, 😉 the vacation in Japan and have a selfie in the rain of cherry blossoms … well no, not that kind of rich peeps … I believe rich is a condition that is achieved when our expenses are smaller than our income.

So to achieve this goal … I recorded each of my expenses. I noted every penny. The proof of purchase from small mart (such as alfamidi, indomaret etc), I keep it, and while I do the shopping in the traditional market where there is no proof of payment, I just jot down the things and price and I recorded it in my notebook every night, except.. last night though … I forgot to record my expenses because I was annoyed with my soul mate, in the last several days.. he was so consumed with negative thoughts… I mean.. he used to be so playful.. and why on earth … how come he often complains about … uh … why on earth I write on entirely a different directions? I dont think my soulmate is a point of interest at this post hehehe …

There are many applications on Android to help us record expenses, but I decided to use a method that I think is very intimate … the old paper and pen .. very reliable .. very intimate.

Recording these expenses is like reminding us on how much the money we have spent for today … and according to the financial advice I have read so far, recording these expenses can ultimately help us to reduce unsubstantiated expenses … it can even help us to raise money for our needs for 3 months … (so … when bad things unimagine occur out of the blue, and such bad days usually come without any notification beforehand… we are ready to face it with 3 months wage!)

I have tried it before, to record these expenses, but well… like any good habits in general, it needs to fail several times to be able to stick to the end … no one can directly try anything right at once…


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