Bob Marley

This week is a Bob Marley week for me. Not because I dress like him or played his song on joox umpteenth times a day or I am on weed 24/7.. But because it’s so often I remember quotes from him.

Like this one… This is a very tough week for me. My personal and professional life are “re-shaping” into a new beginning… and when it comes to begin something new.. I am scared. Then uncle Marley say this :

How true is that? Yes, everything that is just started feel scary, I remembered I almost faint at every first day at school, what if no one talks to me? What if I have no friends until I graduated? what if I am the dumbest of all these kids? What if I never find “the one” at this primary school? 😂😂 you got my point.

Oh.. Uncle Marley also say this:

Ya… Every often, when it comes to definition of a perfect relationship, we considered it’s the one with no problems at all. But the truth is… Purple unicorn is not exist people! *flash* and so does the prince charming who will kissed you once and marry you and then you will be happily ever after. Every relationship need all of your efforts, time and energy to make it good and stand in the test of time… Work hard for it. If it’s meant to be. It will be.

I’ll end this note by another Marleyan quote :

Every little thing is gonna be all right!

For those who are in the midst of struggle in life. Hold on… Just hold on. Every body hurts sometimes ( this one is from R.E.M)


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