The first week of September 2018, there are lots of tears, heart badly broken, promises unfulfilled and consecutive disappointments..

A man who I respect and honored dearly, lost his wife to a battle against cancer, and seeing his grave sad and anger just shattered my heart into pieces..
He said, I’ve should have known the moments she started to lost this battle… I’ve should have been able to bring her to our usual hospital to get a more appropriate treatment…
It’s devastating to see this kind hearted man have so many regrets … The “what if” period of grieving is killing him too….
A battle for life is indeed the hardest battle.. No matter how low or how bad the situation as long as you still have this one life.. Hold on.. Every body hurts.. You have no idea what they have been through .. Hold on.. Don’t die while you’re still alive. Keep moving.. Keep your life… For it is the greatest gift for you and those who loves you.

Note: a remembrance for ibu Dr.Betty Turnip, beloved wife of bapak Prof. Berlin Sibarani.

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