I promise to myself today that I won’t take for granted these years of peace and prosperity. I may not have every single thing that I want, but I undoubtedly have the most beautiful time in my life now. I am happy with my life, I’m happy with my husband, I am happy with my son, I have a great relationship with my mom, I also have an average regular income.

Regular income is a blessing that many of us do not appreciate as it should have. You need to learn to spend well, it’s not really about how much your income actually is, but it’s more about building a good spending habit. And as a matter of fact you can learn to spend well with an average income, it provides constraints, which force us to make priorities. The more you learn, the better your priorities are.

I will always remind myself about all those things that finally brought me here, to this point of my life, the pain, the disappointments, the good and the bad, the sweet and the bitter. I believe the best is yet to come. 


Karin Sabrina

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