How do you unwind after a demanding day?

  • As a starter, a pot of hot black tea… No, it’s not a typo, not a cup but a pot, a huge tea pot, and often, teapots.
  • A rather lengthy hot shower
  • To apply a face mask with a soothing and cooling effect for 15 minutes, if the day is really really tiresome, I’ll make it 30 minutes, and all that time I will just lie down, close my eyes and if it’s my lucky day, I could fall asleep for ten minutes.
  • Clean the face mask and apply a cocktail of serum and moisturizer onto my face, then to apply a fragrant body lotion on to my arms and legs.
  • Another pot of hot black tea, preferably with a slice or two slices of dark chocolate cake.
  • Tender massages on my legs by my husband
  • There, after all of the above has been done, I usually could say the demanding day is not that bad, I’m fine tho.
Cheers, may you find the strength within you whenever you need it,

Karin Sabrina

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