There are times when we are being “uprooted”. At that time the solid ground is not solid anymore, we lost the security from the quiet soil. We can’t stand straight, we may be bent, or broken or even falling face first to the ground, and we don’t think it’s possible to get up again…

But perhaps, being ‘uprooted’ is a needed process in our life. Perhaps the soil where we stand all this time has stopped giving, perhaps our deepest root has been tangled so bad we don’t even feel our surroundings anymore, we are actually dying, but from the outside we look just fine, so no one comes to offer much needed help.

I was uprooted in 2015, at that time I am clearly depressed, but where I live, depression is not something to be discussed, if I dare to say I felt sad and dissatisfied toward my life, I would be condemned for not being grateful. From the outside I look fine, a wife with three beautiful children, stayed in a great neighborhood, and no one knows the abusive household I was going through.

Things that happened need to happen. The reason or the purpose of that event is something that will unrevealed itself. Whether we like it or not, is an entirely different matter.

Karin Sabrina

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