It’s funny how sometimes it takes a very long time for me to finally understand something. For instance, I know that a person’s decision is very likely related to his/her financial situation; if a person has enough money to get by in life (yes, just enough not plenty) then s/he usually has more confidence and takes a rational consideration before s/he does something, and if a person has very little money to none, and s/he depends heavily to his/her family to cover his/her expenses, then s/he has low confidence and usually complied to whatever demands made by the family member who pays for his/her expenses, no matter how irrational that demands probably are.

Years ago, I had a friend who I considered one of my few good friends, but then one thing happened and our relationship went sour after that. I am that person who more than often ask the golden question of “why did she do that?” How could she do that? And so on.. and on… Long story short, I met her again, and this time she became the part of my extended family. I see her differently now. I can see how hard she struggles in her life, and accidentally I heard she admitted herself that she has no money. So it occurred to me that she probably did what she did because someone asked her to do it in exchange for some money to pay her expenses.

I will not forget what she did, if I forget I will lose the lessons. I will look at her and wish her well, I am not angry or bitter toward her now, I feel sorry for her.

May you be at peace, and may you be happy, 

Karin Sabrina

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