What is your favorite type of weather?

I fell in love with rain decades ago… I don’t really remember how this love started in the first place. I genuinely think rain is beautiful, wise, romantic and like the french, I think rain is a she ☺️. She beautifies everything, she washes up the dryness of the day, she wears fragrant perfume which smells so fresh, her sounds soothe my soul, she reminds me that there’s always a fresh start, she is graceful and elegant.

When it’s raining I just want to sit somewhere calm with a big glass window so I can look at the rain, endless cups of hot tea, sugarless, slices of apple pie, some books – yes, some.. I love the presence of books near me, whether I read it or not, that’s another story.

May you be at peace, 

Karin Sabrina

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