• I see a husband who is taking care of his terminally- ill wife, even though for years and years they have shown a very cold and distant relationship as a couple. Both in their seventies, he tends to her every need, he comes to her bed just by hearing a smallest sound from her mouth. I’ve never seen love so beautiful, all of their differences just melt away, they laugh at the silliest jokes, probably they are the only ones who understand the jokes. It’s funny how a disease (impossible to be healed) can change the tone of their relationship.
  • I see a nurse who lights up the room whenever she arrives.
  • I see a daughter, probably mildly depressed take care of her mother
  • I see a son who must carry a lot of burden on his shoulder.
  • I see a young doctor who does not feel comfortable talking with his patients’ families.
Everyone we meet can be our teacher, all we have to do is to open our eyes and find the lessons, if we are lucky we will understand some of the lessons. 

May you be at peace,

Karin Sabrina

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