What experiences in life helped you grow the most?

  • My failed marriage and the bitter lengthy divorce process that follows. I lost so much bullshit I acquired in my youth regarding a perfect woman/ wife/ family/ life/ children/ skin/ and a whole lot more… I feel I have grown a lot from that point.
  • Experiencing a massive debt when I was still unemployed. I know I have learned so much about financial management because I’ve taken so many wrong steps, so many unwise decisions and so much more. Those mistakes have become my true guidance light up to this moment. I hope I’ve made the worst mistakes possible in terms of managing debts, so, henceforth I will only have to face merely bad or not-that-bad kind of mistakes.
  • When I was bullied; I used to feel endless anger toward those who have bullied me, emm, well actually I still feel angry with them. But now, beside that angry feeling, I pity them. These bullies actually have pathetic sad lives. And fortunately, that’s not my problem.
Being wrong is the only way I feel sure I've learned anything.

Think Again; Adam Grant; page 62.
May all of us be able to feel grateful, to say thank you toward  our mistakes,

Karin Sabrina

5 thoughts on “Learning

  1. I think the divorce process and the bullshit that comes out is such an eye opener. Between the person you thought you married, the changes within yourself, and the whole system that is in place to profit off the divorce process. It’s gross. I want to go live in the forest with my kids.


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