A club

At the end of 2022, a dear friend invited me to join a book club, and I was excited! I mean .. literally excited, since I’ve never join a book club before and I love books, so after a few tap on the phone, I am a member of a book club. After the registration and self introduction and few welcoming greetings, the list of to be read (TBR) books are coming, the schedule has been set up for January, February and March, and I do not like a tad the book list.

The decision to join a book club starts to look like a wrong move, adding a mere burden to my easily distracted mind. But I can’t step back after just two days, then strangely, I feel that I need to do this, I look the group info, there’s 61 person in that group, including me, so if there are 60 person happily join this club, why can’t I? (Did you see how I force my self to stay in a place that I don’t like, amongst the people I barely know? yes, pathetic!) So I stayed in this club, passively.

This afternoon, a person start to open a discussion about the February book, and some comments that follow really made me wants to say something. But I think and rethink and reconsider and remind my self: you have no interest with this group, there are many members that are just as passive as you do, so chill darling, save your breath, you haven’t read the book and by seeing your grunt when you read a few pages of that book, no, you’ll never going to read it again.

Alas, I can’t find a strong reason to quit this group. Done, I have let it out in my blog, I vent it out and I feel relief. Thank you.


Karin Sabrina 

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