I see myself as a person with a sensible amount of patience, well…sensible in a broadest sense 😁. I generally can tolerate the myriad colors of the personalities of others, but .. and this is a huge but…. I find that toward several people I have met in this path of life, my patience is close to none, my tolerance is almost zero. These people usually have a common nature: they have volatile personalities.

Volatile personalities such as: blaming everything everyone but themselves, drama queen and king, and they crave unending attention. We have that kind of person in our office, social circle, even in our family. The question now, what to do, if in one fine day, we have to deal with them and we feel angry toward them.

I suggest treating the anger with artistic movement; painting, I myself I do writing, sculpting, coloring, anything. Anger is a strong emotion and it needs to be treated with care..

May you be calm and healthy, 

Karin Sabrina

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