In my life, I often experience an answer for a question I didn’t ask. Today is that kind of time, I feel quite upset about something, it already happened a couple of weeks ago. Basically I’m upset about things that someone has said, not directly to me, but I feel that it’s definitely about me, and my head will start weaving lots of questions which actually have the same DNA, “why on earth do they do this to me?!! Why? Why?!

But then… Out of nowhere, on my social media, Mr. Adam Grant answered my question in a very beautiful way.

What others say doesn’t directly affect your emotion. Between their words and your feelings is your interpretation of their intentions.

Agency lies in the space between stimulus and response.

A sign of emotional intelligence is recognizing your power to change your assumptions

Adam Grant
Cheers, may we be able to respond in the best possible way,

Karin Sabrina

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