Everyday, every moment, every where I look, everything has never failed to remind me how imperfect I am being a woman

I never thought I’m physically good enough nor attractive in my teens’ years, 20ies up to mid 30ies. The way I look at my own appearance has changed tremendously, I feel good in my own skin, or to put it in a “Billie Eilish” reverse mode: I have a good relationship with my body now.

Perhaps because I’m in my early forties now, an age where a woman starts to not give a damn about others opinion on how she supposed to look, or perhaps because I’m living my life happily, surrounded by my favorite humans. Or… Perhaps I myself Start to believe that I’m worthy, I am a beauty in my own terms.

Cheers, yes, grows into your beautiful minds, the rest will follow.

Karin Sabrina

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