“Reading, for me, is like this: consumptive, pleasing, calming, as much as edifying. It’s how I feel after a good dinner. That’s why I do it so often: It feels wonderful. The book is mind and I insert myself into it, cover it entire, ear my way through every last slash and dot. That’s something you can do with a book, unlike television or movies or the Internet. You can eat it, or mark it, like a dog does on a hydrant.

― Tara Bray Smith

So, last few days.. I am considering to re-arrange the living room to make it more hmm… “filled with books”nuance. I always want to have a private library of my own and also self-produce-dark-chocolate-jar ( It’s non existent yet.. but hey… The world has Mr. Elon) next to a small round wooden table. I think I am going to do that this weekend. And when I said this weekend, it’s actually a very abstract time range that could be span from this very Saturday up to the unknown day ahead 😁😁.

Cheers, stay close to those books, it does not matter when you will have time to read all of them. 

Karin Sabrina

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