I just realized something very important this weekend, I can afford to waste time. Not much my dear.. an hour or two .. but I literally afford this immense luxury.

I can afford to sit here, this afternoon, inhale the fresh air brought by the raindrops, in the front verandah, scrolling the phone mindlessly – seeing various video clips, from MasterChef show up to the case of Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard (I’m definitely team Johnny – not because I’m a fan of the pirates of Caribbean but because I’ve been in his position; I was abused and lied to and betrayed and deeply humiliated by an ex).

Do you know that business mogul or CEO- types of people always on the run? They can’t afford to sit and just wandering, they have so much to do with their strictly limited time. These VVIP people can’t afford to take time and sit in their exquisite lounge, and enjoying the raindrops.

I think the glorification of being busy has made us forgot that those busy people are actually craving this leisure that we, ordinary, average people have: a time to waste, a time to sit and just let the mind wanders.

Cheers, may you have a calm and quiet weekend, 

Karin Sabrina

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