Sipiso-piso waterfall

I’ve been to this place for several times, but today it’s the first time I went down to see the waterfall river up close. It take about 30 minutes walk to get there, the stones stairs are not well made, some even quite dangerous.

There’s a small hut that I suppose is a place for visitors to rest after a long walk, but unfortunately the hut is really look like an abandoned place.

the hut near the sipiso Piso river

To hike up, it takes about 45 minutes walk, since … Well .. it’s hiking up, we defy the gravity so it needs longer time. It’s tiresome really, I keep on saying to my self, one step at a time, just like life, one step at a time. The Whole journey is great, but I think the trail to the river can be improved. The fresh air and the serenity offered by the waterfall and the river is just amazing… I can’t fully describe it in words.

Cheers 🥂,

Karin Sabrina

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