What if we realized that we already have enough physical possessions? 

What would happen if we looked into our closets and fully noticed that we owned enough clothes? Or that our house was big enough? That we had enough decorations, furniture, tools, or cars?

What if we fully believed that we already have enough stuff?

Suddenly, we would begin to see everything around us differently. It wouldn’t matter what other people are chasing or accumulating or buying.

It wouldn’t matter that my neighbor is buying another car, I already have enough.

It wouldn’t matter that there’s a new sale at Kohl’s, I have enough.

It wouldn’t matter that today is Black Friday, I have enough.

It wouldn’t matter that Christmas is coming and someone else might get more gifts than me, I have enough.

And it wouldn’t matter that the magazines tell me my clothes are out of style or the newest tech gadget has more camera pixels than ever before, I have enough.

This is a realization that would change everything about us. We could fully remove ourselves from the consumerism that dominates so many peoples’ lives.

It would free up money, time, space, and energy for the things in life that really matter.

It’s an unbelievably freeing feeling to discover that you already have enough in your life.

—becoming minimalist mail

I believe this should become my mantra in this time of year and wherever you look, you’ll see a humongous sign of SALE up to the point you can’t say no:

I have enough!

Cheers, may this mantra last! Amen. 

Karin Sabrina

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