Please remember, my worth is not measure by my work, my salary, my past mistakes, my grad certificate. No.. everything else may come and go, work may come and go, but I can’t leave my self.

I love everything about me. No, I am not being narcissist, I am practicing something unheard for the longest time in my whole life: to love bomb my self. It’s not easy… Since it’s hard wired for me to blame my self for everything that goes unwell.

I was blaming my self because I was taken advantage of by a man 9 years my senior, I was blaming my self because I can’t support my self and my kids financially after a long bitter divorce, I was blaming my self for everything.

But not tonight, not tomorrow, never again. I love my self now, I love my curiosity, I love my wits, my sense of humor, my body shape, my skin complexion, my hair, my dazzling smile, my obsession with tidy up, my fluency to read “everything”, etc.

May I be happy, may I be safe, may I be healthy, and I wish you the same. 

Karin Sabrina

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