100 days

I have posted some writings, photos, quotes for a hundred consecutive days. I am definitely a writer! Every single day for the last 100 days I have been thinking :”what should I write today?

Some days, I was full with ideas, some other days, nothing comes up… Literally nothing, which is very strange.. since I surely experience a lot in a day, right? But still there are days when I can’t think up something good to write about.

But the most important thing is … I keep show up. I believe this practice is good for my wellbeing. I make time to write, I am clearing up a space to do Blog every night, it doesn’t matter whether I have the greatest or the silliest ideas, what’s important is I write. I can channeling my thoughts and emotion through the writing process, also I learn to know, to love and to honor and to forgive my self.

The discovery of self, evidently is not an easy journey for me. But after a hundred days, I am sure I should continue the journey for some hundreds days more.

Life is a self-fulfilling prophecy. What you believe about life will be your experience of life.

Neale Walsch
Cheers,keep doing the things you love,

Karin Sabrina

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