The scientist is not the person who gives the right answers; she is one who asks the right questions.

Claude Levi-Strauss

I always like the idea of being a poetic scientist, I even put it on my LinkedIn profile tagline; A poetic scientist. A scientist means a person who thinks thoroughly, a very considerate person and takes time to ponder lots of questions, and wouldn’t be sweet if she is also poetic? A person who is a deep thinker and able to convey her thoughts in a poetic way.

Once, I asked my professor, why is it scientific papers are so boring to be read? Those papers felt so dry, they could easily make your eyes in a dehydrated state. Then this professor answered calmly, that’s the way a scientific paper is supposed to be, dry, full of passive boring sentences. I disagree wholeheartedly but at that time I have no guts to argue, he is the Professor anyway.

I believe scientific papers should be well written, not necessarily easy to comprehend, but with some effort, it should be ‘readable’. To conduct a study is a massive effort, and I think it’s sad when a really good study is left unread just because it is not written in a good way. One of the major functions of communicating is to get your point across right? so why stick to the passive boring extra-long sentences in a research paper?

I am writing this tonight because I want to start to write a research paper again… I kinda miss it.

Cheers, what do you miss tonite my dearest readers? 

Karin Sabrina

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