Do not let the ugly in others kill the beauty in you

Once in a while, I cross paths with naturally negative people, that’s life. Their negativity are so immense, just by thinking about them can trigger anger within me. I immediately think about the things that I should have said to them a month ago, the things I should have done two months ago, in short…. All the things that actually has no significance to be pondered for hours.

I do aware, hurt people tend to hurt others, the rudeness roots deep in them and it’s their only means to communicate in other. They trigger us to make us respond to their toxic dance, the longer and more emotional our response, it really is the better for them.

I was reminded by the quotes above that I have choices. I can choose not to bow to their invitation, I can choose to be deaf with their derogatory comments, I can choose not to respond them in any way; our response feed their ego and if we pretend that they are never existed, they will not get what they sought the most: our attention.

I can choose to remember that I have come a long way, and now I am in a good place in life. I can choose to remember all my resilience and hard work, I definitely should choose to honored the beauty and the wise within me. I’ve had a long walk to build my self esteem, why would I let anyone corroded my confidence?

I will not let their pain kill my wellbeing.

I will not let their shame corrode my shine.

I will not stew in their negativity

Cheers, you have plenty of choice, 

Karin Sabrina

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