I had an invitation to a zoom class yesterday, it’s a financial management class, the title was Freedom from debt. Interesting. So I checked in. 6 minutes late, and the host was asking everyone in the class, what do they think about debt, is it good or bad thing?

I read the answers from the attendees, most of them went like this: debt is good if it’s not for consumption things, debt should be use for productive things such as open a small business, bla…bla..bla…

I left the class after 3 minutes. I think this is what happened: People! We held a class on how to free our self from debt! Check in if you’re interested ( or in honest mode : if you’re deep in debt) // people joins in… And then .. the opening question is : do you think debt is good or bad? // And unsurprisingly, most of the attendees, pretend that they have no debt, they have a stable financial state, and I don’t believe any of them.

My advice to any other host in a virtual class about financial literacy: get really honest dude, tell the class your own experience (or perhaps someone that you know well) about the struggle fighting the debt, assume that your invitee is in deep debt, just give a clear step by step to do list to help them crawling out of that debt.

For so long in schooling years, everyone, including my self eventually, said: study well, so you can have a good job. No one ever said: let me teach you about money.

So, financial literacy is an alien concept for most of us. But, ironically, most people will never brave enough to admit that she/he has a financial problems and actually need a step by step guidance to solve the problems.

And my advice to all of my readers with debt, find help, you can start with googling a very nice website titled “you need a budget”. There’s so many resources regarding financial literacy there. We can free ourselves from debt, yes, we can.

Cheers, to get out from debt is not something to be ashamed  of, 
Karin Sabrina

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