You’ve had your permit to re-start your good habits, yes, everyone had their good-habits-days-off, they just don’t tell you, as a matter of fact darlin, it’s very rare to happen that anyone will tell you their struggle with keeping the good habits.

I am a rare person, that’s why I told you it’s okey to have a bad habit relapse, we become a better person in our own time, with our own pace. I have assure my self over and over again that I already have all necessary permit to “slow in progress” and even to not always moving forward, life is hard and demanding, it’s a very plausible act to rest and take a few steps backwards.

More and more we heard athletes that decided to cancel her/his appearance in the field or press conference to preserve their mental health. Those are the goddess and god of good habits (one can’t be an elite athlete if she’s not having all around good habits), those are the people we look upon whenever we need a motivational quotes, lo and behold, these superpower humans too need to take rest and step backwards.

Human are made for the speed of life, not the speed of light

Cheers, take your time,
Karin Sabrina

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