Love your neighbor as yourself; today I feel this phrase is very objectionable. We.. no… I can’t possibly love an annoying neighbor. I have no heart to love a neighbor who feels it’s okey to let her pets just poo-ing everywhere and she/he doesn’t need to take care of it. I am far from the word love when a neighbor keep tossing their garbage to a vacant area next to my house, and to make it even worse, they burn the dumped garbage and the choking smoke just goes wild every where, and it happens at least twice a day.

Love your neighbor as yourself, I would say, love your self comes first, love the peacefulness of your mind first, love your health first, and if a bad neighbor is happened to be exist in your vicinity, you should try at least once to have a straight forward talk to your neighbor. No burning garbage is allowed, no chicken poops litters is allowed.

What if the straight forward talk is fruitless? Well … It’s okay. The talk will still make them more cautious to annoy you in the future time.

Karin Sabrina

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